3 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Oysters

Oysters are an unusual and very delicious molluscs that provide the human body with very unique minerals and nutrients – that are highly essential for a great living ansd some of these benefits include weight loss, boost metabolic activity, increase tissue repair and growth, lower one’s cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and also improve your immune system functions, aid wound healing and promote the growth of healthy muscles. They are also considered a powerful aphrodisiac and can improve blood circulation and increase bone strength to reduce osteoporosis.

Here are some of the health benefits of eating oysters.

1. Protein content

Proteins are some of the most essential parts of our diet, and oysters can be a very strong source of these proteins. Proteins are often broken down by the body’s enzymatic activity, and then reconstructed into usable human proteins in every part of the body. It ensures proper metabolic activity, tissue repair, cellular growth, muscle strength, and a wide variety of other necessary aspects of human health. The importance of protein in your diet cannot be overstated, and a single serving of oysters provides nearly 1/3 of the daily nutrient requirement.

2. Healthy Heart

Oysters impact your health positively in a variety of ways. First, they contain a high level of omega 3 acids, versus omega 6 fatty acids which are primarily the ones which impact cholesterol greatly. Omega 3 on one hand is known to work on the good forms of cholesterol, while omega 6 acts on the bad cholesterol. They can reduce the content of bad cholesterol in the blood stream and inhibit it from binding to blood vessels and artery walls. By this, it reduces the chances of plaques.

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3. Enhances Blood circulation and volume

Oysters are a very good source of iron as well, with more than 90 percent of our daily requirements in a single serving of oysters.

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