3 Core Exercises to Make Running Easier

3 Core Exercises to Make Running EasierCore strength is one of the most important things for your running. Without core strength your form will suffer not only in running but any other physical activity. The stronger your core the more efficient your stride will be. This will save you quite a bit of energy while running” and during other activity. Don’t neglect your core strength otherwise you will end up paying with an injury.

Abdominal Crunch:

This is a simple one that we all know. Try not to pull you upper body forward with your arms though. If you find that you are doing this then cross your arms over chest. If you pull your head forward you aren’t working your abs and you will only give yourself a sore neck.

For those who don’t know how to do this lay on your back with your knees bent and raise your shoulders off the ground and go back down and repeat. If you can – don’t ever actually let your shoulders rest on the ground this will give you a better workout. This should work your middle and upper core.

Trick :  If you don’t want to use the expensive ab machines, a simple way to make sure you are doing the crunch right and to make sure you are not using your neck is to use a towel.  Place a towel on the floor, lat on it so your head is on one end of the towel. Grab the two ends of the towel with your hands and perform the crunch. You will love the ease and the results.

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This is a fun simple one also. Lie face down on the ground or mat. Raise yourself so that you are resting on your forearms and feet. Make sure your back is straight and hold this position for 20 seconds or more depending on how fit your core is.

If this begins to get too easy start removing body parts from the ground. First remove one arm and then switch to the other arm on your next set. Or remove a foot off the ground. If you get really good at this core exercise you can remove one foot and one arm of the ground. For instance have only your right arm and your left foot in contact with the floor and continue to keep your body straight like a bridge, do not lean to one side or the other.


Now this exercise is for your lower back. Lie face down and extend your arms, raise your upper half and your bottom half (Legs) at the same time and repeat as if you were doing crunches. When working your abs don’t neglect exercises that help your back get stronger also.  You want to make sure, you achieve body balance.

These are just a few exercises that I use on a daily basis and i and others have seen noticeable difference with my body. I really noticed a big difference with my running.  Have fun and do Run.

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