Lose The Pooch With This 5 Minutes At Home Workout

5 moves to lose the belly pooch workoutThis is a great workout routine which takes only 5 minutes to complete but it will torch your belly fat so that you have flat stomach. The workout targets your tummy and core area so that you lose the pooch fast.  The video instructions are very clear and demonstrate each and every move of the workout so that you have no problem in doing the exercises. There are no weights or special equipment required so you can do these workouts easily at home.

Losing the belly is a big challenge for most of us. This workout will help you to lose the belly bulge and strengthen your core. When combined with healthy eating habits, and controlled diet you should be able to see the result very quickly.  It may be a bit difficult to perform these workouts but you will soon be doing them with ease and perfection.

Please do consult with your physician before starting this or any of other workout for weight loss.  You may have any health condition that prevent you doing these workouts.

5 Minutes Lose the Pooch Workout:

  1. Hip Raise and Lower (60 seconds)
  2. Straight-Leg Crunch (60 seconds)
  3. Butterfly Crunch (60 seconds)
  4. Down Dog With Crunch (60 seconds)
  5. Scissor Leg with Twist (60 seconds)

Here is the video instructions for this 5 minutes workout to lose belly fat.

Now that you are working out to lose the belly fat, why not also try the workout to have toned legs and arms. These workouts target your thighs and legs. This workout will help you to tone your arms.

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After performing all the three workouts for a while and eating healthy meals you will have a body you always wanted to have.

Do not forget that you should keep on following the workout routine even after you have achieved your target of having a small waist.

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