3 Easy But Unfortunately Ignored Practices For Successful Weight Loss


Losing excess fat from their bodies was not a problem for our ancestors. The reason only being that they were all fit! People have been overweight for a long time now and for that there have been home remedies, diet plans, exercises and what not. I must say there are more than one keys to fat loss that have been forgotten these days. The lifestyle that most of us live these days is somewhat alarming if we compare to the one that people lived just a few decades ago. Through the course of time, these two main keys to losing weight and having a healthy body have been neglected.

1. Drinking water

Packaged smoothies, syrupy coffee delights and sugary juice drinks will have to be avoided if you want to get the job done. Just drink simple and healthy plain water as much as a gallon if you can. All these drinks we take in daily life contain excess sugar and calories. Sodas have carbonation, which may cause stomach bloating. A very helpful remedy is to swap your plastic water bottle with a steel container. Because bisphenol present in flavored and plastic goods is harmful to your health.

2. Getting proper sleep

It has been demonstrated through studies that if you sleep less than 7 hours a night you are likely to gain more weight over time, even if you exercise. In 2004, over 30% of men & women ages 30-64 reported sleeping less than 6 hours each night. In 1985, that was closer to 25%. Sleeping less can lead to jeopardizing your diet causing decrease of leptin hormone inside your stomach.

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Sleep has to be the forgotten weight loss pill these days. Our sleep cycle is however pretty messed up if we take a closer look. It is popular among a certain school of thought that if you pick only one good habit that is helpful towards weight loss and focus upon it, it should be getting enough sleep. We’re not exaggerating here, this used to be the key to people being slimmer and healthier in early ages. More sleep means lesser stress and lesser amount of stress leads to a slimmer waistline. Sleep deprivation can be more fatal than you can imagine. In the long run, sleep deprivation of less than 7 hours every night has been linked with 15% more chance of early death.

3. Keeping a healthy lifestyle

The people before us used to be fit and healthier. This is because the human race has made harmful changes to its way of living. The food we eat these days contains various contamination that we are unaware of. With the injection of electronics and gadgets into our lives, also came more distress, anxiety and disorganization. We have so much to do on our hands these days that none of it can be done properly. People that still lead a simple life and don’t value money over their health are healthier. Loosing fat depends a big deal on how sound your mind and body is. To keep yourself sound and slim you need to be content and happy. This can be done by just making a few old school changes like eating healthy food, spending more time with your family and sleeping early.

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