5 Ways to Control Your Cravings

5 Ways to Control Your Cravings

One thing that is very important in losing weight that a lot of people overlook are cravings. Overcoming your cravings can prove to be difficult but here are a few easy steps that would make getting rid of your cravings very easy:

1. Avoid what triggers your cravings

You can only crave the foods your body is used to, so by switching what you eat, you are weakening your old cravings. The first days of switching these meals may be the hardest as your body and mind would take a little time to adapt to this new change, but you would eventually get use to the new change and feel less cravings in the process.

2. Destroy the temptation

Keeping those things you crave far from reach will be the best thing you can do to yourself when trying to control your cravings. If you still have boxes of chocolate that always stimulate your cravings, you probably should get rid of them. If those temptations aren’t destroyed or put away they will eventually end up in your belly, which you want to avoid.

3. Eat a lot of nuts

Research has shown that if you eat 12-20 nuts with 2 glasses of water your cravings will be extinguished and dampen your appetite by changing your body chemistry. This is perfect because nuts are both healthy and delicious.

4. Take a power nap

Cravings usually sneak up when you are tired, worn out and fagged out. So to prevent these, what you simply need to do is take a nap to re-energize your body and keep your mind alert.

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5. Distract yourself

If you get the feeling that only ice-cream can do it, it isn’t hunger, it’s a craving. Cravings usually last for about only 10 minutes or less. So you should recognize that and distract your mind. Listen to music, call a friend, do some time taking exercise, meditate or run an errand. Just make sure you distract yourself by getting so busy that you don’t even think about the craving and you would realize that it is no longer there.

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