3 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Flab And Back Bulge In 3 Weeks


Many women suffer from a condition known as Back Bulges and Underarm flab. These two conditions can distort the shape of the body of a woman. This can also make it harder and uncomfortable for women to wear a bra.

Plenty of women have tried to solve this problem with dieting, but it was a futile attempt. In this article, we will present you with a few simple and surefire methods by which you can get rid of this unpleasant build up of body fat.

Do these exercises daily and you will notice the erasure of underarm flab and back bulge in just three weeks!

1. Push and touch

For this exercise, start by standing with your feet as far apart as your shoulders and then place your arms at your sides, making your palms facing ahead. Then, raise your arms up to the level of your shoulders and move the back sides of your hands parallel to the floor. Then breathe deeply and raise your arms up as high as they can go above your head.

Then, slowly lower your arms back to shoulder level while holding them straight out, and keep breathing deeply in and out. Then lower your arms back to your sides.

Perform this exercise an average of three times every day, doing the technique 6 to 9 times in each set.

2. Elbow kiss

In the elbow kiss, you start out by spreading your arms on both sides and the same level as your shoulders. Keep your palms pointing upwards. Then, fold both arms at the elbow point so that your arm bends at a 90 degree angle facing upwards.

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Then, move your hands while they are still folded in such a way that they get close to your elbow with your forearms touching your sides. Finally, bring your arms back to their original position.

Do this exercise three times each day, with 10 repetitions of the process in each set.

3. Crisscross reverse fly

For this exercise, stand upright with your legs bent wide apart and your knees bent slightly. Then move around your torse around 50 degrees. While doing this, it is best to hold a weight in your hands and have your hands twisted towards your elbows, with the weights being in contact with each other.

Do this exercise three times every day and repeat the process ten times during each set.

With these three essential exercises, you will successfully get rid of underarm flab and back bulge.

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