Great Exercises for Your Core

Starting just below your pectorals and extending down to the pelvis, your core is a complicated series of muscles. Some back muscles and other muscle groups around the torso can also be referred to as the core. There are exercises that can help you have the perfect core that you’ve always dreamed of having. Below are some exercises you can do to achieve your goal.

1. Side planks

Side planks are not all that difficult to do. You don’t have to go to the gym to do that. You can do side planks in your room. Just lie on one side and brace yourself on your elbow. Put your legs on top of each other, and pull your other arm out of the way. Also, tighten your abs, lifting your hips off the floor. Always remember to keep your back straight, forming a triangle with the floor. Try holding this position for about a minute, repeat on the other side. Do about four sets on both sides.

2. Burpees

This should be fun. Always start burpees in push-up position, engage your core muscles and keep your back straight. Jump forward into a squatting position with your feet and stand up in one swift motion. Lastly, drop back into a squat and kick your legs back out into push-up position. Do this as fast as you can and make sure you are comfortable.

If you are working out at the gym, then this is for you. Go to the free weights, squat down in front of the bar and grip it firmly in your hands, with your shoulder-with apart. Engaging your core muscles, stand up and keep your back very straight.  Put the bar back on the ground squatting back down slowly. Remember to keep your back straight and don’t bend it.

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3. Hammer swings

This is also for those going to the gym. Many gyms have sledge hammers kept often close to a big tire or other surface for you to swing them into. Now you can always grab the hammer firmly with both hands, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees flexed, and keep your back straight. Keep swinging the hammer up and over your shoulder, swing it down toward your other side, striking the tire or pad. Strike from the other side back toward your first side, controlling the hammer as it bounces.

Lastly, do this 10-15 reps on each day, repeating sides. Try for three sets.

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