4 Ab Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Perhaps your job does not let you breathe for a minute without having to think of the tons of things that you still have to do. Not everyone will go to the gym or find it easy to dedicate a lot of time every day for exercise. However, it’s okay if you can’t take out the time and effort to go to the gym, as you can always work out anywhere, even at the office. Your chair, desk, and floor will be all the equipment that you will need. Below are 4 ab exercises you may want to try out at your office place if you want to get fit without using up a lot of commitment and money.

1. Plank pose

To do this, place your hands or forearms on a solid surface (your chair, desk, or floor, whichever you are comfortable with), and extend your legs behind you, so that your toes are on the floor. Now, suck your abdominal muscles into your spine and maintain a straight line without sinking your hips. Maintain this pose for as long as you can.

2. The core leg lifts

To do this, sit up tall in your seat and contract your abs, while you lift one foot off the floor about 6-inches. As you do this, your knee should come up straight with the foot directly underneath, maintaining a 90-degree bend in the knee. Maintain this pose for about 10seconds, and slowly lower it while relaxing your abs. Do same for the opposite leg and keep switching sides.

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3. Plank with a knee twist

With your hands on the chair seat, shoulder-width apart, extend your legs behind you to get into a plank position. Then, suck your abs into your spine so that your body line is rigid as you pull your right knee toward your left elbow. As you do this, twist your body to dip your right hip toward the chair, and return to the center before repeating with the other knee.

4. Leg pull-ins

To do this, move your butt to the frontal edge of your chair, and extend your legs out straight in front of your body. Grip the edges of the chair behind your buttocks, while you lift your legs 6-inches off the floor and lean back slightly. Lean forward; pull your knees into your chest, and squeeze forcefully. Then extend your legs back out and repeat the process.

Stay fit even while busy! You can always take out short breaks in between your busy schedule, to workout a little.

Image courtesy of: livestrongcdn.com.

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