3 Weight-Loss Secrets Only Nutritionists Know

There are different tips around lately on how to lose weight, but there’s a big issue in determining which works best and which to stick to. Nutritionists are known to be experts when it comes to meal planning and keeping weight off, because it is what they’ve been trained for. Getting weight loss secrets from nutritionists should give you an assurance that you are on the right track. Here are some things about the nutritionists that you want to know.

1. Skip the scale

This may sound unrealistic already, but it actually helps. This doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about the scale, but just cutting down on how much time you spend checking the scale and getting really upset when you notice little or no changes. While the number on the scale may be an important measurement for health, you should also understand that it may fluctuate based on certain factors.

The time of the day you check the scale is important, including your fluid intake and how much you exercise. This is why it is advisable to choose a particular time of the day that will be consistent. The best time of the day is usually in the morning when you haven’t taken anything and check it without clothes, to avoid extra weight that may result in inconsistency.

Also asides checking the scale, you can know when to adjust your lifestyle by just little noticeable changes like how you suddenly find it difficult to button your jeans after eating. The increased figures on the scale may make it seem like you’ve done something really wrong, meanwhile you just have to avoid binge eating and cut down on your sodium intake or go to the bathroom.

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2. It’s as much about what you drink as what you don’t

You must have learned not to drink soda, as it may have a negative effect on your health. Same applies to some fancy coffee drinks and sugary drinks. However, it is not just about knowing these drinks and keeping them off, but also about the drinks you settle for.

Nutritionists suggests you drink 24-ounce servings of ice-cold water per day to help you burn about 100 extra calories. Also try out pure coffee drinks with no added sugars and creamers, as the caffeine content has been shown to improve endurance and boost metabolism.

3. Always travel with a snack

A great way to successfully stick to your diet is by planning your snacks ahead. Snacking in between meals will keep you away from being hungry and avoid binge eating which is good for your health.

Whenever you are traveling, pack your snacks so that you don’t end up opting for a rather available option, especially if you are with friends. Prepare healthy snacks with lots of fiber and protein, like avocado and nuts.

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