3 Yoga Poses You Can Do With Your Partner

Yoga with partner is an exciting way to refresh the mind and body and strength bond between the partners. This type of yoga is called AcroYoga, which refer to the acrobatics involved. This stretches muscles even more, strengthening them and also strengthening your core, as lifting your partner and performing the acrobatics is very challenging. An additional benefit of AcroYoga is that, trust becomes stronger between you and your partner.

The following are three yoga poses that you can practice with your partner.

1. Double plank

This pose is quite spectacular to do and watch and it requires your core being very strong. The stronger of you should assume the plank position on the floor, with your arms straight down, so your palms are under your shoulder. The other person should place his hands on the ankles, while stepping across the hips, facing the legs. Lowly bend forward while you lift your feet and place them on the shoulders of the base, holding the position for five breathes, then slowly getting down and reversing position.

2. Double table

Double pose is simple, but yet powerful in its effects on the core and the muscles. The person, who will be at the bottom, should bend over backwards when standing, until his hands are on the floor backwards and his feet still flat on the ground. His hips should then be pushed upwards. The other guy going on top should step across the body, facing the person’s knees, while he places his hands on the shoulders of the base, one hand at a time and slowly lifting his feet on to the thighs or knees of the base. The cores of both should be engaged and strengthened while doing this pose. Hold for five seconds then reverse position.

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3. Double boat

This AcroYoga pose is the best pose to improve balance and strengthen your core. Sit opposite each other with your soles touching and bent knees. Lift your legs with your soles still in contact and straighten your knee, till your legs make an inverted “V” shape. Straighten your back and lift your chest as you put your hands behind you and hold for about five seconds.

Here is an other AcroYoga routine you may try.

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