Try These 4 Most Effective Workouts for Butt Toning

4 Most Effective Moves for Toned ButtEver been shy to wear short skirts or fitted jeans, anywhere outside your home because you’re not really confident about the way your butt might look in them? You’re certainly not alone. The good news is, there are a number of exercises that you could actually do to tone your butt and the even better news is that these exercises are relatively easy done at home or at the gym. So, here are four effective and easy exercises to help you tone your butt:

1. Leg lifts

This is a relatively easy move to perform but it’s also very effective and you can expect to feel the burn after performing a few reps. When you perform this move, you’ll be working the small muscles where your bum meets your thighs, helping to heighten and tighten the butt.
Here’s how to perform this exercise effectively:
Step 1. Lie on your stomach with your legs extended straight out on the floor.
Step 2. Bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle with your ankle flexed so the sole of your foot is facing the ceiling.
Step 3. Lift your right knee as high as possible off the floor, keeping your abs and glutes engaged and hips pressed to the floor.
Step 4. Pulse your right leg up toward the ceiling for a count of five.
Step 5. Repeat 20 times.
Step 6. Do the same for the left leg.

2. Dumbell Squats

Squats are really simple exercises that we see people do all the time. You might have thought that squats are only meant for professional athletes trying to increase their strength and power for performance, but really, these exercises don’t only increase muscle strength and size, they will also help get your butt and hips into shape.

Follow the following steps to perform dumbbells squats accurately:
Step 1: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding 8- to 10-pound dumbbells by your thighs.
Step 2: Squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair, keeping your weight over your heels.
Step 3: Squeeze your glutes as you return to the start position.
Step 4: Do 15-20 reps.
Step 5: As you continue, keep the weight in your heels, making sure your knees do not pass forward of your toes.

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3. The bridge-up

This exercise is probably slightly easier than the previous exercises mentioned here and will strengthen and build your butt and hamstrings, giving your thighs a fuller look.
The bridge-up is performed in three simple steps:
Step 1: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted firmly on the floor.
Step 2: Press your hips up to the ceiling and squeeze those glutes, much like you would while doing a gymnastics bridge.
Step 3: Slowly lower your hips back to the floor and repeat as many times as you can.

4. Explosive lunges

This move gives you an awesome stretch through your glutes while testing and improving your balance, coordination, and explosive power. More importantly, this is one very effective move for getting your butt looking more shapely.
This exercise, just like the previous ones, can be done right in the comfort of your bedroom or anywhere else you choose.
Here’s how to perform explosive lunges effectively:
Step 1: Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips.
Step 2: Then lunge forward with your right leg.
Step 3: Jump up, switch legs in midair, and land with your left leg in a forward lunge.
Step 4: Continue these explosive lunges, alternating sides, for one minute.
Step 5: Keep your fists up in front of your chin and push off the floor with both feet. Your front knee should be bent 90 degrees and align over your ankle.

Bonus tip:
The trick to getting the best results out of these exercises is frequent repetition, and steadily increasing your reps to ramp up the intensity.

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