3 Easy Yoga Poses for Spinal Flexibility

Beginners Yoga poses for Spinal Flexibility

Though working to build strength in your lower body and core will do much to enhance your posture, a flexible and strong spine can make you feel better and stand firmer, especially as you age. You can enhance your spinal flexibility with yoga by doing postures that are intended to extend and curve your spine.

Likewise, there are various yoga poses that serve to warm up and empower your spine and whole back. Similarly as with any exercise program, talk with your medical professional before beginning a yoga practice to enhance spinal adaptability, especially if you have a current back injury or incessant health condition that has an effect on your spine.

Are you ready for these yoga poses? With only 12 minutes daily, you’ll be able to lose a centimetre in your thighs and hips every week.

Begin with the cat/cow

Switching between the cat and cow postures is a great starting warm-up for your spine that will ease inflexibility and motivate you to articulate your spine better. This yoga practice additionally causes you to transport awareness to your spine.

  • Get on each of the fours with your wrists specifically beneath your shoulders and your knees straightforwardly underneath your hips. Your back should be levelled. Take a couple of deep breaths, concentrating on each inhale and exhale and connecting your mind and body.
  • On a breathe in, curve your back, bringing down your navel towards the floor. Open your chest and lift your head up to look in front. Be aware of your shoulders, keeping your shoulder bones in accordance with your spine and melting down your back.
  • On a breathe out, drop your tail-bone towards the floor and gradually twist your spine outwards, dropping your gaze as you let go of your chin to your chest. You ending posture should be similar to a “Halloween cow.”
  • Arch your back when you breathe in to come back to the cow position. Rehash this activity for no less than five breath cycles, or as long as it feels good for you.
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Flow into a Plank

You might be comfortable with the plank pose as it is an exercise that strengthens your core, yet it also warms up your back muscles and gives great arrangement to other yoga poses that aim at spinal flexibility.

  • From all of the fours, expand your legs behind you so that you are on your toes and your body is a straight line from your head to your heels. Hold the position for no less than five breath cycles, breathing deeply. At that point release to the floor.
  • If you can’t inhale through a full plan, you can alter the posture so you are supporting your body on your knees and elbows, instead of your toes and hands.


Flow from Plank to Cobra

You can focus on the spine all the more straightforwardly by making a vinyasa with the plank and cobra postures. With a vinyasa, you move starting with one stance then onto the next with a breath for every moment.

  • Start in plank, and on a breathe out lower yourself to the ground, bending your elbows with your arms squeezed near your sides.
  • On a breathe in, raise your upper body, leaving your lower body on the ground. Raise up until your arms are completely expanded, opening your chest and stretching your torso. Keep your shoulder bones melting down your back in accordance with your spine.
  • As you breathe out, drive your hips back and roll on your toes to come back to the plank position. Breathe in, at that point on a breathe out, lower once more. Rehash for five breath cycles.



We’ve provided you with yoga poses and steps to do each asna. Try these yoga poses and make them part of your exercising routine to improve the spinal flexibility.

3 Spinal Flexibility Yoga Poses for Beginners

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