4 Butt-lifting Exercises

4 Butt-lifting Exercises 1

Do you wish to have a perkier butt? You can certainly build yours if you set your mind to it. To lift your butt, you will have to build certain muscles, which will help to develop your backside with a well-rounded shape. Below are exercises that can help you attain this feat:

1. Heel sky raise

Start on your knees and elbows, with one leg outstretched and foot flexed. Lift your leg directly from your butt, and ensure it stays straight. Raise the leg slowly till it lines up with your body, then lower it down back to the ground. Try not to raise the leg too high, to ensure you are not lifting the legs from your back, but rather your butt.

2. Lower half lunge

From a lunge position, with your back knee on the ground, keep your chest up, torso straight, and belly pinned to the spine, Then, bring your knee off the ground till you are almost up. Now, move back to the ground. This exercise helps your glutes to contract without rest and focuses on several muscles around your glutes.

3. Bottle

Lie on your stomach with your hands placed on the ground under your chin. Put your feet together and flex; one leg at a time. Now, you will have to assume that there is a bottle in front of you and you want to get your foot over the bottle. Return back to the original position, while you make your way over the assumed bottle. Ensure your glutes are contracted while you do this exercise.

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4. Single leg ballet kicks

Stand upright, avoiding a protruding belly. Look ahead and fix your eyes on an object ahead. Now, keep your chest up and shoulders back, while you bring one hand down to touch the opposite toe. Make sure this is perfectly aligned, and get the back leg high. This helps to stretch the hamstrings of the standing legs. Repeat the process on the other leg.

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