6 Best Body Cardio Exercise To Burn Calories

Not doing the right cardio exercise maybe the reason why you not responding to weight loss. Trying to lose weight is really not an easy task, sometimes you feel so tired or too lazy to even complete a session or maybe you likely don’t even know what type of exercise to do to lose weight in the safest way possible.

1. Shadow boxing

Boxing is an energetic activity that burns a lot of calories and helps you maintain your weight or achieve weight loss. Performing 30-minute session on shadow boxing will burn around 175 calories and also burn around 260 sparring. Boxing training helps you control your diet and this combined with calories, maintains your ideal weight.

2. Running

Running highly affects the body in building solid bones and connective tissues. Keep running for around 30 to 45 minutes day by day to jump start your fat consumption. Attempt this consistently and inside a month, expect a difference in your weight.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the peaceful and relaxing cardio you can do. Swimming is a great way of burning calories and can burn equal or greater calories than running depending on the stokes you do.

4. Speed walking

Walking is a low impact cardio exercise, that helps build muscles and strengthen it as well, you burn a high amount of calories as you walk and sweat, which will make you shed some pounds.

5. Jumping ropes

Jumping rope is cardio blaster and it helps build bone density, strengthens your legs and makes you stronger as well. Some minutes of jumping rope burn more calories and makes you fit as well. It is fun to add jumping rope as one of your exercise routines.

6. Byking

Peddling a bike renders a lot of benefits to your healthy and weight, it is just a fun and excellent form of workout that increases your heart health, strengthens your leg muscles and burns calories. You can do this outside or inside your house, both ways are good to lose weight but outdoor cycling makes you feel fresh air and vitamin D.

Cardio exercise doesn’t only help you lose weight, it also strengthens your lungs, helps knock out stress, reduces the risk of heart diseases and helps you build more confidence. To stay healthy, try add cardio exercise to your workout routines.

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