5 Advantages of Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercises are short, intense activities that are done to build up muscles. These exercises do not rely on oxygen, but rather the glucose that is already present in the muscles. Some examples include weight-lifting, sprinting, cycling, etcetera.

Here are 5 advantages of this kind of exercise to your physical wellbeing.

1. It builds muscles

The main purpose of anaerobic exercises is to build muscles. It does this by putting muscles under serious strain for a short time, after which the body heals micro tears that develop in the muscles. It is this healing process that makes the muscles stronger and larger.

2. Faster metabolism

A faster metabolic rate is a great asset to have as it can lead to weight loss (as more of your fats reserves are broken down), a lower chance of developing cardiovascular diseases (such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attack or damage, etcetera), and other diseases (such as stroke and type 2 diabetes), and also more energy is released, and you do not get tired easily.

Muscles need a lot of nutrients and oxygen to sustain themselves, especially immediately after an anaerobic workout. The heart will pump more blood to them to replenish them. This raises the metabolism rate, and if there are more muscles made, the metabolism rate rises even further.

3. Strengthens bones

This is the best type of exercise to increase bone strength and density. As you exercise, your muscles put enormous strain on the bones they are connected to. If this is repeated at regular intervals, the bones will be made stronger.

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4. Enhances weight loss

After a workout session, your body begins the effort of replenishing itself; it breaks down fat reserves to use for energy. This breakdown of fats can reduce the weight massively, and repeated over and over again, will reduce weight even more to the desired level.

5. Increases energy

The capacity of the body to store glycogen, a form of glucose stored in the muscles, is increased when more, stronger muscles are made.

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