10 Minute Back Exercises For Women To Lose Back Fat

10 Minute Bra Bulge and Back Fat Workout

Looking to lose that back fat so can fit in your strapless sundress? If yes, then you are not alone. While most women easily get frustrated when looking to get rid of back fat, professionals will tell you, it’s not a difficult thing to achieve. All it takes is a healthy diet and consistent work out plan to reduce fat, no matter where it is on the body. Here are some effective and easy-to-do exercises that can help you strengthen and tone your back as much as you want.

10 Minute Bra Bulge and Back Fat Workout

In this 10 min BRA BULGE & BACK FAT WORKOUT | Chest, Back & Arms, led by Michaela, the focus is on targeting bra bulge and back fat. Using light weights or water bottles, the routine covers standing wide fly exercises, narrow lunges, push-ups, dumbbell rows, superman positions, upper body lifts, lean back chest presses, tiny circles, chest fly movements, and tricep push-ups. The workout engages various muscle groups in the chest, back, and arms. Michaela provides clear instructions for each exercise, emphasizing controlled movements. The session concludes with a reminder to like, subscribe, and comment for future workout preferences. Great for a quick and effective upper body toning session.

Michaela has used 5 pound dummbells in this quick and effective 10-minute workout targeting the bra bulge and back fat. This workout focuses on strengthening the chest, back, and surrounding muscles. Anything from three to eight pounds works depending on your fitness level. If you don’t have dumbbells, grab two full water bottles.

Get ready by grabbing your mat and weights. Let’s dive into this workout and sculpt those muscles!

1. Standing Wide Fly

Begin by standing with feet hip-width apart. Lean forward with palms facing each other. Engage in wide fly movements, focusing on exhaling and inhaling with a slight bend in the elbows. This targets the back of the shoulders and upper back muscles.

2. Narrow Lunge

Take a quick break and transition into a narrow lunge, leaning forward at a 45-degree angle. With palms facing down, perform lifting, bending, pressing, and lowering movements. Keep those elbows wide to engage the targeted muscles.

3. Push-Up Position

Move to the floor for a push-up position with hands on the outside of the mat. Perform push-ups, modifying with knee drops if needed. Emphasize controlled movements to work the chest and triceps.

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4. Dumbbell Rows on Hands and Knees

Grab one dumbbell and switch to hands and knees. Perform rows with the left hand, extending with palms facing up. Squeeze the elbow in and back for a focused workout on the back muscles.

5. Switch Sides

Switch to the right arm for the same rowing movements. Maintain good form and control throughout the exercise.

6. Superman Position

Drop the dumbbells and lie on your stomach for a superman position. Make snow angel movements with your arms, focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades together. Keep the arms lifted off the ground and gaze down for optimal engagement.

7. Upper Body Lifts

After a quick break, lift the upper body off the ground, reaching and pulling. Optionally, lift the lower body for an added challenge. Focus on drawing the elbows back to target the upper back muscles.

8. Lean Back Chest Press

Flip around, lean back at a 45-degree angle, and press dumbbells together for a narrow chest press. Engage the core and press the dumbbells toward each other to target the inner chest muscles.

9. Circles and Chest Fly

Transition to your back with palms facing up. Perform four tiny circles, then transition into a chest fly by pressing the dumbbells together. Lift the hips for added intensity. Focus on squeezing the chest muscles.

10. Tricep Push-Ups

Finish strong by dropping the dumbbells and moving into tricep push-ups. Slowly lower, lift the arms off the floor, and return to the starting position. Optionally, lift the knees for a more challenging workout.

Here is the 10 minute bra bulge and back fat workout.

How To Lose Back Fat & Get Rid Of Bra Bulge | Rebecca Louise

Rebecca presents a back and chest workout using weights or water bottles, encompassing exercises like standing chest presses, lunges, and push-ups. The routine progresses with movements such as dumbbell rows, Superman positions, and upper body lifts, intensifying with narrow chest presses and tricep push-ups. The workout’s effectiveness lies in its comprehensive approach, targeting multiple muscle groups in a concise 15-minute session. The upbeat atmosphere and friendly encouragement enhance motivation, making it an engaging and accessible workout for everyone.

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