These 8 Simple Ways Make Running Easier

8 Simple Ways to Make Running Easier

Running isn’t known for being easy; of course, the more you do it and the more conditioned your body becomes, the easier running feels. But no two runs are ever the same, some days it can be really tough to get through a few miles.

However, here are 8 some simple ways to make it easier on you causing you to enjoy the process and the journey of becoming and staying a healthy, strong runner

1. Set Mini Distance Goals

Setting mini goals throughout your run can help you feel a renewed sense of accomplishment each time you hit one- you can go by time, distance or as you’re running you can say “I’ll run to that building and then walk”

2. Try A New Route

Sometimes running feels hard and boring because you’re used to a particular route, so you can find a different way or go on new roads that are more visually stimulating

3. Drink Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee can improve sprint performance and endurance because it delays the onset of muscle and central nervous system fatigue so sip on a cup about 30 minutes before your run so that the effects are in full force by the time you hit the pavement.

4. Warm Up

To make a run feel easier, every runner should start with 5-15 minute dynamic warm up- this gets your blood pumping, loosens your muscles and heats up your core thus making the first few miles easier on your body and also reduce your risk of injury.

5. Slow Down

Slowing down and adjusting your pace  as you go is part of the art of running so if you start your running on a full speed, it’s going to be really hard to maintain. Make sure you slow down when you need to and run at a pace that’s comfortable- overtime, your comfortable pace will get faster.

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6. Remind yourself why you run

If you’re having a hard time keeping your head in the game, just think about your goals of running and keep it in your mind throughout the run

7. Take Time to Recover

Your muscles definitely need time to recoup so including recovery workouts and rest days into your schedule will actually help those hard days seem a little less difficult.

8. Dress Comfortably

Running is hard enough without a bra strap digging into your side or blisters forming in between your toes, therefore, take your time to find quality workout gear that makes you feel both physically and mentally comfortable.

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