5 Best High protein Breakfasts to Start your Day

5 High Protein Breakfast to Start Your Day

You’ve probably heard overtime, how important it is to not skip breakfasts, especially with the many benefits that comes with them. However, eating breakfasts daily will have very little positive effect on your health if you are not eating right. While breakfast is an extremely important meal that can help you start the day right and give you the energy you need to keep going, you do need to know what exactly to eat to power up your system. Protein rich diets are known to have effects on the GI hormones that charge the brain, in order to adjust the appetite and increase satiety. Below are 5 best high protein breakfasts to start your day:

1. Breakfast greens

Breakfast greens provide many health benefits and are a great source of protein that helps to power up the system. You can have many different kinds of salads for breakfast; be creative with it and enjoy your nutrient rich greens!

2. Cheesy eggwich

This sandwich has a much larger percentage of protein, compared to the regular breakfast sandwiches we have. It also helps to satisfy cravings and also increases satiety. All you need to do is boil an egg and toast a whole wheat English muffin. Then, you lay half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese on top of the muffin and top it with egg slices.

3. Cinnamon French toast with yoghurt

This meal will help to keep you feeling full for very long hours. Soak a slice of whole-grain bread in a beaten egg and cook it in a pan for about a minute until it’s a bit brown on both side. You can serve with yoghurt for an amazing breakfast.

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4. Mushroom and tomato omelet

An omelet is a great means to add veggies to your breakfast. With mushrooms and tomatoes, the result can never go wrong. Get 5 large eggs, beat 4 egg whites together and one egg yolk, gently, then cook in a pan. As soon as your eggs begin to form at the edges, you can add your mushrooms, tomatoes, and other veggies. This does not just taste great but also serves as a power meal for the body.

5. Walnut yoghurt breakfast

This is a quick and easy breakfast that saves you a lot of time. Combine ¾ cup of plain low-fat Greek yoghurt, with 7 chopped walnuts halves and 2 tablespoons of wheat germ, and enjoy your meal.

Eating the right breakfast helps greatly to promote your health, and save you a lot of health complications. So eat one of these 5 best high protein breakfasts each day to energize your day.

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