How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easy-to-get-dirty places there in a house. It is prone to the proliferation of uncountable germs and bacteria, and that is why it requires special care. It has been said over and over that how clean and healthy a person is can be determined by how clean their bathroom is.

Below are some of the ways to maintain a clean and healthy bathroom:

1. Keep the walls dry

Keeping the walls dry is the first step to having a healthy bathroom. Always strive to ensure that the bathroom walls or bathtubs are well dried after use. Leaving moist or particles of water on the wall can provide a comfortable haven for bacteria such as the staphylococcus aureus (” staph”), the antibiotic resistant MRSA Strain, Spirogyra and a host of others.

2. Frequently empty the trash can

The Trash can in the bathroom should be emptied as often as possible. There should never be the slightest avenue for germs to build up, regardless of what may be in the trash, get it thrown out, at least weekly.

3. Air the bathroom

Poor ventilation, can create the perfect nest for germs to grow and multiply. To ensure that this does not happen, occasionally open the windows and door as wide as you can, to allow fresh air to circulate within.

4. Dry your towels outside

The towel should be dried out of the bathroom, never make the mistake of keeping your towel inside the bathroom after you have showered. Make it a culture to blow dry it or better still hang it outside and let the sun do its natural work.

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5. Clean it!

There’s no beating around the bush on this, so let’s just cut to the chase. The bathroom won’t clean itself, so you’ll have to clean it yourself and do so regularly. While cleaning, there are certain places that should be given high considerations. Places such as the toilet seat, the flush handle and the wash hand sink among others.

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