5 Foods You Should Stay Away from to Stay Fit

If you want to stay physically fit, then avoid these 5 foods as much as you can.

1. Baked products

It has been said that “all baked goods will cause rapid weight gain and poor digestive function.” Fitness trainers have also warned that we should refrain from or at least minimize our consumption of baked products if we want to stay fit. Health experts have explained that a large majority of the baked products we consume, such as; cookies, cakes, donuts, muffins and other similar foods contain a substantially high dosage of sugar or sweeteners and often supplies your body with nothing less than 400 calories and up to 8 grams of fat – all of which are substances you’d not want to consume in excess if you truly want to stay fit.

2. Fruit juice

This particular one may go contrary to what you may have been made to believe but fruit juices aren’t always as healthy as they are advertised to be, the reason being that a large percentage of these products contain a very high fructose content – which has been known to cause a rise in blood pressure, cause insulin resistance and trigger a lot of other liver complications. A fruit juice can contain up to 45.5 grams of fructose per liter – a fact that has been reaffirmed in the Nutrition Journal.

3. White bread

Studies have shown that white bread contains a lot of sugar, and although it is one of the most widely consumed foods, it has been proven not to “have any nutritional value”. Another disappointing truth about white bread is that it can create an opportunity for you to gain “unwanted weight” because the bread does not in itself keep you satisfied after consumption so your appetite is stimulated to consume even more foods afterwards.

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4. French fries

I want to believe that this is not the first time you are seeing French fries on the list of foods that are inappropriate for a healthy living. French fries are quite affordable, no doubt. But health experts have shown a strong link between French fries and heart attacks because they increase insulin levels and also contain a carcinogen substance known as acrylamide – a chemical compound that triggers varying types of cancers.

5. Popcorn

Finally, this is one food product that is difficult to shun, especially when you go to the movies, but the price of being fit is abstaining from this. A high percentage of popcorns contains carcinogens and other harmful chemical compounds such as Diacetyl and Perfluorochemicals.



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