5 Healthy Diet Tips to Avoid Weight Gain at Your Desk Job

Sometimes sitting half the day behind a desk can really be hectic and can also contribute to making your fat loss effort real tough. Selecting the wrong food, consuming the meals given at meetings or office celebrations can increase the storage of fat in your body rather than shedding them off. Here’s a list of tips you can follow to help you avert gaining weight while at your desk job.

1. Strategize in advance

Ensure that healthy meals are prepared ahead of time. You can choose a day you can load healthy snack options so they will be able to subdue your hunger when it arises. Keep a few of your favorite snack items at your side in order to avert getting into the kitchen to unhealthy treats. Go for carrot sticks, almonds and a cup of popcorn.

2. Stay hydrated

At most workplaces, water will be at your disposal. And of course you know the benefits of water, so no need of diving into much talk, just think about all the good it’s doing for your body. Try keeping at least a liter-sized water bottle by your side.

You can also include fresh fruit slices for a bit of flavor as well. Your mind can often confuse the need for water as hunger. When you feel hungry at times between meals, try drinking water instead. After 5-10 minutes, you are likely to quench that craving.

3. Exercise

Working out after leaving work late, eating dinner, sitting in traffic and helping to clean up is another vital tip. The best part is that you don’t need hours of an extended period of time to get in an exercise mood. Shorter workouts combined with a bit of cardio and weight training can help you to grasp your goals.

If the task of getting into a formal workout is tough then, take advantage of every opportunity to move at the office. Take a quick walk outside, then instead of using the elevator, use the stairs.

4. Eat mindfully

We sometimes consume all kinds of food which also includes the junk one, due to boredom. But it will really be in our best interest if we are mindful of the things we put in our body. Enjoy each bite of a healthy meal and jog your memory that you are doing something good for your body. When you are tempted to grab more food, try chewing gum. This will often satiate the desire to eat.

5. Brush your teeth

Yes, really. Brushing your teeth can help to lessen the temptation to grab an unnecessary snack and that is a plain gospel truth. In addition to it being great for your teeth and gums and bad breath, your minty fresh mouth can serve as a reminder that you don’t need to grab that handful of candy from the office jar.

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