4 Easy Ways to Burn Calorie at Work

Some people feel that they can only burn fat in the gym, but that is not totally true. Apart from the gym and watching what we eat, we can burn fat anywhere if we set our mind to it. Surprisingly, one of the places you can burn fat is the office. Laziness has conquered most of us and we have gotten an easier way to do almost everything. When we go to work, we hardly get up from our seats. All we do is sit and then stand when it’s time to leave.

There are different ways of burning fat in the office and here are some of the things you can do to achieve that.

1. Stand up every 30 minutes

Try not to sit for long, stand up and move about every 30 minutes. This might seem funny but research has shown that standing helps you burn fat. It shows that when you sit, your body stops producing an enzyme that helps you burn fat. But when you stand up, the enzymes activity for absorbing fat continues and with this process, you tend to lose more weight.

You also improve your level of concentration because when you stand, blood flows freely throughout your body and helps to bring more oxygen to your brain. So you can start by standing often during the phone calls etc.

2. Walk to a colleague instead of texting

Some times emails and texts really prove to do more harm than good to us. When we need something from a colleague in the office, we just text or send them an email. If we set our minds on burning fat even in the office, we can try to walk up to our colleagues instead of just sending them the mail.

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3. Move your bin

Move your bin away from your desk, so that you will be forced to stand up every once in a while to throw something into it.

4. Drink from a glass

Try to drink from a glass. If you insist on using a water bottle, don’t fill it up, so that you can walk to the kitchen every time you get thirsty.

5. Avoid driving to work

If your office is walking distance away from your house, you should try walking or riding a bicycle from your house. Riding a bicycle or walking are the forms of exercise that can help you burn calories.

Image courtesy of: watchfit.com.

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