5 Healthy Foods That Will Cleanse Your Liver

Your liver is a measure of your overall wellbeing and health. It is the largest granular organ in the body and it helps to keep your body free from toxins. A lot of us treat our livers improperly with our very poor diets and the choices that we make in life, and therefore, the liver responds by doing what it does best. But if we abuse our liver regularly and wear it out, the state of our health will decline as a result of this. The following 5 foods will help you in treating this organ the right way.

1. Garlic

It doesn’t take much of this pungent bulb to rid your liver of toxins. The sulfur contain compounds in garlic that can activate the liver enzymes to flush out toxins. Garlic also contains allicon and selenium which act as barriers against toxins.

2. Lemons

Lemons are known to be very rich in vitamin C, which allows the body to get rid of toxins which are harmful to the body. Lemon actively lowers the level of cholesterol in the liver. Start the morning off with a glass of water mixed with the juice of half a slice of lemon. This will jump start the detoxification process in your liver.

3. Crucifererous vegetables

These vegetables include the likes of broccoli and cauliflower. When you eat cruciferous vegetables, the amount of glucosinolates in your body rises. These components help to induce enzymes in the liver that flush out harmful toxins.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is a detoxer’s best friend. Its medicinal use dates back to some 4000 years and has been used as a dye, as a food and a part of religious ceremonies. It is known to have good inflammatory properties.

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5. Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables are very versatile in terms of their numerous applications for the body. They contain chlorophyll and are jam packed with healthy enzymes.


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