5 Reasons Why Vegetables Are Good for You

A lot of individuals don’t like taking vegetables because, they feel it’s bitter or because they believe they are not vegetarian. You not wanting to eat just plain vegetables try making it equal with your meal, making it tasty in dishes your family would gradually start eating it without knowing.

Below are reasons why vegetables are good for you

1. Fat free and cholesterol free

Over 95% vegetable contains less gram of fat and they are mostly unsaturated hence, the absorption of such helps to reduce high content of fat which could be very harmful to your health.

2. It provides complex carbohydrates

The energy in vegetables forms complex carbohydrates that helps in the digestion and prevention of high level of blood sugar in the body. Therefore when you absorb lots of vegetables, it helps in the digestion of food intake in your body.

3. Helps to fight cancer

A nutrient analysis of vegetables shows that vegetables have a lot of nutrient in it, which can be found in variety of food, such as grains and fruits. The nutrients are called phytochemicals found in plant that has yet-untold health promoting properties. Research as shown that vegetables are the best healthy food which can be used to fight cancer.

4. They are highly nutritious

Vegetables have a lot of nutrients, minimum of calories for 35% calories,  the amount of nutrient you get in one tea spoon of butter you can get a half cup of vegetables that, contains wide variety of vitamins, minerals and healthy building substance called phytonutrients. Therefore when you take in vegetables it gives you a lot of vitamin which makes your body very healthy.

5. They helps diet faster

Most vegetables are free food meaning you can eat an unlimited amount without having to count the number of calories. Vegetables enjoy a neat little of biochemical quirk which uses almost as many calories to help to digest your food. Most left-over calories don’t have a chance of being stored up in the cell. You will have to eat a lot before it reaches that extend. Therefore the absorption of vegetables helps in the digestion of food.

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