5 Tips to Help You Recover After a Workout


I would like to tell you a fact about workouts today that none of you have heard before. Recovering your body after a workout is also very important to get in a better shape. This gives strength to your body. There is no argument that you must push your body and test it to its final limits every time but at the same time your body needs to be taken care of. You need to give it time and allow it to repair itself and the tissues to get back into their proper form. While you are at it there are a few points I would like to mention that shall help you out with physical recovery.

#1. Icing:

Different methods of recovery have different responses to people’s bodies. This practice is more common these days among football athletes. Applying ice on your exhausted and sore muscles can help with having a speedy recovery. You can even attempt an ice bath if that suits you. This will allow you to bounce back harder the next day at training.

#2. Foam Roll:

Foam rolling before and after workouts is recommended by many fitness experts. So just grab your old foam rollers from the closet or buy new ones. Foam rolling improves the flexibility of your muscles and joints also keeping them injury free during intense workout sessions. Muscle imbalance is avoided by this practice because it breaks up muscle adhesions that are causing it. Before workout foam rolling is productive for the training while doing it afterwards will keep you safe from any muscle injury. Do it for at least 15 minutes.

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#3. Use Mobility Tactics:

Voodoo bands, lacrosse ball rolls and other massage exercise routines can also be utilized if foam rolls aren’t your thing. These mobility tactics can be used to free any caught up muscle or painful joint in your body. Mobility tactic training helps to recover your muscles by giving them the blood cells they require. This will increase your muscle’s strength and you work out at a faster rate the next time.

#4. Small Naps:

Whether its napoleon or Ronnie Coleman, small power naps have always helped successful people in performing better physically and mentally. Apart from your good night’s sleep (if you get one), you must take at least one power nap in the day of 15-20 minutes. These naps are good for the heart and regulate blood better.

#5. Step Down:

When you think your training is getting harsh on your muscles, just step down a weight category for a few days at least until your muscles get back in their proper shape to perform.


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