3 Best Street Workouts You Can Do To Stay Fit

Not everyone will love to roll with the seriousness that comes with keeping fit. Some people do not actually buy the idea of sticking with strict routines; they just want to have fun all the way. Who says this isn’t possible? You can opt for street workout ideas and catch all the fun you want. The interesting thing about this is that you don’t need any specific equipment to make it happen, except for some exercises that may require you to make use of some street equipment like the railway or a bar. Below are 3 best street workout to try out:

1. Crunches

This exercise works to tone the abs, and it is usually done on the floor, so you will have to look out for a smooth surface or anywhere with grass. To do this, lie on your back, with your legs bent and feet hip-width apart. Now, keep your hands at the back of your neck, a little closer to your head, and roll your upper body forward. While you tuck in your chin into your neck region, breathe in and exhale simultaneously. Make sure your lower back is firm to the ground, after which you can tighten your abs and return back to the original position, gently.

2. Pull-ups

You will need a horizontal bar to perform this exercise. Although it can serve as a full body workout, it works mainly on the muscles of the arms and legs. Hang from a horizontal bar and spread out your hands at shoulder-width, or a little bit farther. Keep your legs parallel, and try not to sprain the hand muscles.

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Inhale, pull your body up with much effort, till your chin crosses the bar. Exhale, lower down your body gradually. Make sure you keep your body straight throughout the exercise, for proper effectiveness on the arms and legs muscles.

3. Leg workout, using a car

This is an interesting workout that you might probably fall in love with in a little time. A four-wheeler car is required and you can find a location that is not surrounded by so many people. Ask a friend to sit in the car, to control the steering, while you stand behind. Push the car from behind, with your hands. This works effectively to strengthen your leg muscles.

Try these street workouts, stay fit and have fun!

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