5 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism 1

Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions in the body that help to maintain the living state of the cells and the organism. Everything we eat and drink are converted into energy by the metabolism, and different factors like size, age, and gender, factor into our metabolic rate. The faster the metabolism, the higher the number of calories we burn off.
Below are 5 ways you can boost your metabolism:

1. Eat enough

When trying not to take in excess calories, many people end up eating less than they should. Not too much; not too little, is the key. Ensure you take in balanced food, and avoid eating foods high in calories too frequently. If you want a stable health condition, you will have to watch what you eat in order to avoid getting malnourished or any nutritional deficiencies.

2. Sleep

Do you have so much to do, that you decide to forfeit your sleep for it? Do you think it is really not necessary to get enough sleep? Well, sleep is really vital and researchers have proven it to be a major tip that helps to boost metabolism. You want an active metabolism? Then make sure to get enough sleep daily.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

You probably get to skip your breakfast every other day in the week, as you have to catch up with one or two things before noon. Your breakfast doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. You can get yourself some snacks to keep your body alive through the day. Breakfast works to quick start metabolism and your body needs energy to function.

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4. Use extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a dietary fat, needed for the body for effective weight loss and proper functioning. Add extra virgin oil to your meals; rather than frying your eggs with regular vegetable oil, why not substitute with extra virgin olive oil? Or make a mix out of the two? This oil helps to increase blood levels of serotonin, maximises metabolism, and spread nutrients through the body.

5. Laugh a lot

This is probably one thing you have never given a thought, but here is the truth. Laughter doesn’t only bring you happiness or makes you feel better; it works perfectly to boost metabolism. If you laugh very often, keep it up; if not, you can start today. 10 minutes of laughter in a day is enough to burn energy. If you have to watch some comics to induce laughter, why not? Laugh very often. It helps.

Activities in the body will only go on well if the metabolism is active. Hence, the need to boost metabolism.

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