Equipments You Will Need for Your Home Gym

Exercise is beneficial to both your mind and body, and also towards reaching your goal(s) of keeping fit. It is a good step to have a great home gym because, it helps you to exercise and build your muscles whenever you can. Also saving on expenses in transportation costs and gym fees. When starting up an exercise gym in your house, you will need to get some essential equipment to make for effective exercise.  Here are some equipment you should have in your gym at home in order to exercise properly.

1. Dumbbells

Consistently using the dumbbells will get you its worth, this exercise equipment is important for building your arm muscles. When buying the dumbbells, look for hex shaped dumbbells with black rubber coating. These sort of dumbbells will last longer than the others and are comfortable to workout with. Note that, to accommodate for the different exercises you will be doing and for strength gaining, you need to get 3-5 sets in a range of weights.

2. Pull up bar

From the name you know they are for pull ups, however there are other basic gymnastic exercises you can practice with this equipment at home. You could get pull up bar systems built for your doorway, where you would have an archway or a part of the wall you can mount a bar. In addition, you should get resistance bands for assistance if you cannot do pull ups.

3. Skipping rope

Children indulge in jumping rope as a game and it is quite fun. For those who don’t know, jumping rope is a very good form of cardio vascular exercise. If you are a beginner you don’t need to be bothered about details you just need a good and durable rope. However, if you are an expert at jumping rope, then you need to either look for a wire lightweight rope for speed and timing or you could get a weighted rope, so as to work on strength. This exercise helps with your coordination.

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4. Stereo system

This is a fun and yet good equipment for your personal gym. This is because as you play the music on your stereo you not only enjoy it, you will also dance – which is a good cardio exercise. Besides that, the music is also good for your brain: music stimulates both the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This way you are exercising your body and your mind in your home gym. These are just some of the equipment you need in your gym but, then you can get other equipment to add if you think you need them.

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