3 Ways to Better Your Workout Routines

You used to be “workaholic”, always in the gym, on the treadmill and lifting weights. But for some reason you stopped. It became too difficult or you achieved your targets or you hit a plateau and now you are finding it, too hard to come back again. Then keep on reading.

The following are three things you can do to get you back to your workouts.

1. Change workouts

Just as one gets addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs a higher dose each time to get the same effects, one can get so used to a workout routine that it stops producing benefits for him. This might be the case with you, your body has become tired of doing the same thing over and over again, so you plateaued and you might be feeling bored as well, finding it difficult to continue with the routine.

If this is the case, just change your workout routine, either change it completely to a similar workout that, will produce the same desired effects or increase the intensity of that one you are already doing.

2. Work early

Have you ever wondered why some experts say that, you should do your workouts early in the morning if, you can. Why will anyone be working out in the morning. It is because when you wake up, your mind and willpower are very high. Sleep refreshes you, making you feel that you can conquer the whole world. It is this rush of willpower and energy that, enables you to be able to complete your morning workouts and even be consistent with them for a very long time.

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3. Time yourself

There is something about us human beings that is funny. Most of the time when you are trying out a new activity, you will feel nervous, tired or frustrated at first, but after a while, you will be so into the activity that you do not want to stop.

It is the same with training. Set a stop watch for five minutes and begin your workout. If you are not feeling excited about continuing with the workout after then, you can stop. But I assure, after five minutes of beginning your workout, you will feel like going on forever.

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