How To Exercise During a Water Fast

How to Exercise During a Water Fast

If you ever done water fasting you would know, during the water fast the exercising must be different compared to normal times. Tips for Exercising During a Water Fast. When You Exercise While on a Water Fast You Should Be Aware of Special Considerations.

Many experts warn against exercising during a water fast but there are also those who are against fasting altogether. If you ask any certified personal trainer and nutrition expert, they will tell you – Water fasting can produce benefits. Some people do it regularly as a part of their religious practices. While it’s true that abstaining from food isn’t a safe practice for everyone there are many who have found relief from symptoms of their chronic illnesses with this approach. It is even possible to get in a good exercise session during a fast.

Consider the Purpose of Your Fast

There are many reasons not to exercise while water fasting. The energy burned can disrupt the body’s ability to release toxins because the cleansing process requires energy. In addition a workout can rev up your metabolism and cause hunger making breaking the fast a very tempting idea.

However exercise during such a time can also prove highly beneficial. It can help distract you and bring mental clarity. The endorphins released can make you feel good and the movements can relieve joint stiffness.

Exercising Safely On a Water Fast

Some people cannot resist the urge to exercise and they shouldn’t have to resist it even if they are on a water fast. However ” it is important to know and listen to your body. This is not the time to push beyond your limits.

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I recommend that you avoid doing demanding routines such as high intensity interval training. HIIT workouts are definitely out of the question at this time. It is best to stick to calming exercises such as yoga” Pilates and even some calisthenics. These types of moves stretch out the body and can help you relax but are not so demanding on your internal systems.

When you are fasting, working out is not going to help you burn calories significantly faster. Expedited fat loss should not be the motivation of exercising while on a water fast.

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