Improving Your Posture

Now, think of your body as something that has been heldd up by a string. If that doesn’t work, let someone tape an X diagonally on your back, from shoulder to opposite hip. Make it an aim to drill your body to adapt to good postures and know what it feels like by standing with your back against a wall. Last of all; construct your and develop muscles with exercises, yoga, and stretches.

Sit up straight!

How often were you told to do this when you were a child? For most people this words were followed by “eat your peas” or “your eyes will stick that way.” Well, you sooner or later released that mom was right-at least about your posture. Since most of us sit at a desk all day its vital we keep good postures by sitting up straight.

Take standing breaks

Even if you’re at the perfect posture while sitting in the best chair in the world (and it’s arguable whether there is such a thing at all), you need to stand up and stretch for a while, do a little exercises, walk around, or just stand there for a few minutes. Your body was not created to be seated at one place the whole day and recent studies from the University of Sydney have found that “lengthy sitting is a dangerous factor for all-cause impermanence, independent of physical activity.” Keep moving!

Have someone tape a giant X on your back from one shoulder to the opposite hip

Then put a straight line of tape across your shoulders closing the top of the X. Wear this during the day, to help retrain your back. This works really well if you hold shoulders back before taping, use wide non stretch tape and ideally change tape each day.

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Focus on your calves

Let your posture and balance rely more on your calves. Try to feel an at ease attitude, and put a bounce in your step. You’ll find that it will free up the rest of your upper body to relax and assume a more upright posture that takes pressure from your back, shoulders and neck, and works on your ab muscles. This is awesome, since strong calves and abs rock!

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