How to Exercise Using Your Stairs

If you want to spice up your regular fitness routine, then using the stairs to work out will be an ideal choice. Apart from the StairMaster that you’ll find at your fitness center, normal stairs in your house or rental building can provide a great way to exercise. you could do each aerobic and strength training exercises that can critically burn calories and hold you in the right form. First, gauge your fitness degree to determine if exercising on the stairs is proper for you, and err on the side of stopping when unsure — falling on stairs or down the stairs can be a severe case. As soon as you have decided that you’re fit enough to do stair exercises, find a set of stairs that you could use and change a few of those add these exercises into your normal fitness routine.

Walk or jog stairs

If you have climbed several flights of stairs, you already know that walking stairs are an extreme exercise. It gets the heart pumping and breathing at a faster pace. This is why it’s notable for cardio.

Try to find a lengthy flight of stairs if you can. In this way, you will be able to walk up the steps continuously for several minutes instead of walk up on one flight and having to return back again.

Try stair sprints

If you’re in precise form, you could do a more stressful and tough aerobic workout on the stairs — sprints. Again, that is a splendid shape of cardio and simply makes your coronary heart racing.

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To do stair sprints, run up the stairs as fast as you can for as long as you can. This could only be for a few short minutes.

Do stair hops and jumps

If strolling up and down the steps isn’t what you fancy, or if you have only a brief stretch or flight of stairs, try doing stair hops or jumps. these are plyometric exercises with a view to additionally get your coronary heart pumping in an extremely good shape of aerobic.

Make your own stair interval training

Some of the stair exercises, in particular, aerobic exercises, you may not be able to do for 30 or 45 minutes all at one time; but, if you integrate varieties of aerobic exercises, you can make it a a full exercise routine.

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