8 Practical Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is what would make a difference between your weight loss and weight gain, and if you want to lose or maintain your weight, your metabolism has to be working efficiently.  The things we do, or eat affect our metabolism, here are a few ways to jump start your metabolism;

1. Wake up early

Waking up early than you will normally would is an opportunity for you to do the necessary things that will rev your metabolism, like going for an outdoor exercise or doing some warm exercises before you start your day or even go to bed.

2. Don’t starve yourself

Eat when you have to, don’t starve in order to lose weight, especially your breakfast. Doing things like this will slow down your metabolism and cause problems like constipation etc.

3. Turn up the heat with hot peppers

Some studies show that spicy foods can temporarily increase one’s metabolism. Except you are not allowed to consume spicy foods. From your omelet dish to your meat sauce dishes to every casserole cheese dish, add a generous amount of hot pepper to boost!

4. Exercise outdoor

Nothing beats an outdoor exercise, an opportunity to unwind, from running on the beach or swimming in an open place like a pool, the beach. Taking a hike all by yourself for a 1 hour walk. Not only are you helping your state of mind, you are also “waking” up the system in the body. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the body needs instead of tense walls and loud music within the gym walls.

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5. Eat in small portions

Eating in baby portions but round the clock is an effective way to keep your metabolism fired up to ensure that it doesn’t slow down and depend on calories. Eating healthily and having healing healthy snacks in between mealtimes to help your metabolism stay boosted up.

6. Drink green tea throughout the day

The power of the ancient herb, its effectiveness is still relevant in our modern word. This act as a toxin, an anti-oxidant for the body. Constant drinking of this without sugar will do wonders for the body.

7. Intense Exercise  

Your mission here is to burn more calories, consume less and doing so every now and then. It is to be in your consciousness that there has to be something I have to do today to rev up my metabolism. And that is intense exercise, do everything with an extra “oomph”. Even your walking should have a degree of intensity in it, swing your arms more, walk on uneven surfaces, and walk in places that have resistance, where you can burn calories.

8. Increase the protein in your diet

You need energy and you need protein, this helps to rev up your metabolism as well as provide you with the necessary energy you need. Incorporate into your diet.

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