Prawn and Vegetable Rice

People hardly go for Red rice when preparing any meal, where rice is one of the ingredients or major ingredient. Red rice is very beneficial to our health because it contains antioxidants that help to safe guard the body from free radicals that are formed when energy is produced. They also are very good sources of vitamin B6 necessary  for balancing the development of serotonin and red blood cells necessary for creation of DNA cells. Red rice also helps to lower high cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

1. Ingredients

  • 600 grams of red rice
  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • 225 grams of large raw prawns
  • 1 bunch of basil
  • 100 ml of extra virgin oil
  • 5 grams of pimento picante
  • 5 liters of fish stock
  • 3 medium cloves of garlic
  • 600 grams of chicken thighs
  • 2 large spicy chorizo sausages
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • 150 grams of french shallot
  • 250 grams of large mussels
  • 1 bunch of rocket
  • 150 grams of red bell peppers
  • 150 grams of green bell peppers
  • 3 grams of loosely packed saffron strands

2. Method

In different places, chop your garlic, shallot, cut your chicken thighs into chunks, cut your chorizo sausage into slices, chop your red and green pepper and remove their seeds. Peel your prawn and clean your mussels. Pre cook your red rice with 5 cups of water,in a sauce pan, add your oil and your garlic, then add your chopped shallots and keep stir frying until soft, this will take like 6 minutes. Into the sane sauce pan, add your chicken, mussels, chorizo and cherry tomatoes and continue to stir until soft, this will take 4 minutes to get soft.

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When soft add both the red and the green pepper and pimento and allow to cook. Add your prawn in a scattered manner into the sauce pan,then add your rice an saffron, mix everything up properly then add your fish stock and salt and leave for a while to boil, in a medium high heat for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes arrange your chicken and mussels and chorizo in the pan and allow to cook for 14 minutes. When rice is cooked and ready cover the surface with a towel, and when to be served, garnish with tomato, rocket and basil.

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