3 Foods That Aid in Healing Broken Bones

Many people, be it children or adults, at some point in time, break a bone. It is quite painful and always takes some time to heal. When you break a bone, a lot of energy is needed for the healing process. This energy is taken from the food that we eat in the form of calories. Within two weeks, the bones begin to come together and then a lot of nutrients are needed, especially proteins to build soft callus, also known as new bones. Protein is  responsible for the creation of new cells as it converts to amino acids.

Seeing the importance of food, by now you must have understood that food is essential for the healing of your bones. Here are some foods that aid in healing your broken bones.

1. Kale

This and other leafy green vegetables are a rich source of calcium, which is an essential mineral needed to build and structure bones. Calcium is the mineral that strengthens the bones so that they are not brittle. Therefore, it is good for the healing process of your broken bones. Other foods that have calcium are yogurt, salmon, sardines, sea vegetables and others.

2. Milk

Milk has calcium and is also very rich in protein which boosts the immune system and facilitates the healing process. Apart from these, there are other minerals like Vitamin D which has been discovered to give the bones the ability to absorb more calcium. Hence, it is important in terms of healing and strengthening your bones.

3. Oranges

Orange belongs to the citrus family and is a sweet fruit. It is rich in Vitamin C, which has been said to have anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces pain from the broken bones and promotes the growth of new bones. Furthermore, it boosts your immune system and helps to protect you from getting sick as it strengthens you and encourages a wellness feeling. There are other types of fruits that boost your immune system like grapes, tangerine and other citrus fruits.

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Note that at such a time, your body requires a large flow of blood. Therefore, foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat should be avoided because they slow down the flow of blood. Also unhealthy practices/habits like smoking, getting drunk should be stopped because they slow down the flow of blood.

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