Top 4 Pressure Points You Need To Know To Get Better Sleep

4 Pressure Points You Need To Know To Get Better SleepAre you suffering from insomnia like symptoms? Problems with staying asleep? Waking and not feeling refreshed? Inability to fall asleep quickly? Does any of these sleep related issues sound familiar to you? If yes, then it’s possible you might be experiencing insomnia-like symptoms.

While you might think it plausible to knock yourself to sleep by taking an over the counter medication, studies have revealed that Acupressure can significantly help insomniacs fall asleep longer and have a better quality sleep. Here we have listed for you four pressure points that can help you get a good night rest:

1. Neiguan

The Neiguan technique also known as the inner gate, is a pressure point that aids in relaxation and spirit calm.

Being one of the most effective pressure points to relieve sleep problems, the Neiguan can be found by placing 3 fingers at the base of the wrist until you find the depression.

Also, the use of steady pressure will help you to feel less tight and more relaxed.

2. Shimien

Check out the Shimien insomnia pressure point located at the bottom of the feet.

Located just in front of the heel, you can simply use a pen to find the intersection point of the lines on the sole of the foot.

Being the most tender spot on the sole of the feet, gently apply pressure to this point to get relief from insomnia.

3. Shenmen

The Shenmen also known as the spirit gate helps to regulate pathways and energy to the heart.

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Located where the base of the smallest finger intersects with the crease of the wrist, gently apply pressure for 20 seconds with the thumb of your other hand.

This will help to decrease energy levels and prepare the body for natural and effective sleep.

If you are doing it right, you shouldn’t feel any pain or whatsoever.

4. Anmian

The Anmian pressure point is located on the head, just before the ear, along the soft section before your neck muscles connect with your jaw line.

In order to get the best of performing this technique, use your index and middle finger and firmly press into the depression for fifteen to twenty minutes.

You should begin to feel relaxed, calm and before long, you’ll fall asleep.

You can also try these foods to help with your sleep. In addition to these foods, yoga moves are good option to try if you are having restless nights.

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