Ways to Cure Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps which are also called abdominal pains have become a common thing for women, especially during their menstrual cycles.  It is extremely painful and the pain can be felt from different organs like appendix, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen or aorta. This pain can be caused by gas that passes through your digestive system harmlessly. But below are ways that can help cure or get rid of stomach cramps.

1. Drink water

Basic issues that cause torment for example, heartburn, gas and bloating can be explained by drinking a glass of water. Water will help with assimilation, remove poisons and tidy up the stomach.  Urinary tract diseases can likewise be sorted with some cups of water, as it flushes and cleans the stomach.

2. Exercise

In spite of the fact that you will be unable to hit the gym when you are in torment, some type of exercises and stretches will help to reduce stomach pain. You can attempt to walk, do yoga, swim or simply lay down on your back and extend your body to improve flow in the stomach. These exercises won’t just make your agony leave, however they will hep to temporarily redirect your mind from the pain.

3. Take chamomile tea

Chamomile can help to relieve you of stomach pain, by relaxing the muscle of the upper stomach track. When it unwinds that muscle, the pain that you are feeling will subside.

4. Take rice water

Rice water is the water that, remains after you cook rice, it acts as a demulcent- which is a substance that calms inflammation by creating a membrane surface over the stomach wall.

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5. Drink warm lime water

The lemon water helps to reduce stomachache, when the acidity level is high, it allows the creation of hydrochloric acid which separates our food and by increasing the measure of HCL being created and it will help to move absorption along at a steady pace. You get the special reward of the hydration as well, which keeps the stomach flushed and functioning properly.

Bear in mind that it is always best to first consult your doctor to  give you medication to ease your stomach pain.

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