5 Healthy Habits to Practice at Old Age

Aging is natural but could come with a lot of health challenges, especially chronic diseases. Early practice of some healthy habits is a sure way to enjoy old age in good health and has a chance of increasing your life span. Here are some healthy habits that will keep you strong and healthy at old age.

1. Don’t stop working

Research has shown that people who have longer working experience tend to live longer. An effective key to staying healthy at old age is being active. Being physically active also ensures that your internal organs are constantly active, reducing your risk of suffering from a wide range of diseases and also keeping your immune system active.

So even if you are retired, get yourself busy. You can get another job that doesn’t require as much energy as your previous job or even set up your own little business.

2. Eat fresh foods

The body gets its essential nutrients from the food we eat. These nutrients help to revitalize and strengthen the organs of promoting their proper functioning. Avoid processed and junk food, as they do not contain as much nutrients as fresh foods. Research has shown that processed foods promote the development of cancer in the human body. Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of these nutrients required by the body.

3. Sleep more

Sleep is very essential to the body. When we sleep, the body recharges itself and produces very vital hormones for body functioning. Sleep also helps to burn calories. If you are hoping to be healthy at old age, sleep at least 7-8 hours at night and sleep in a conducive environment and avoid things that could deprive you of sleep.

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4. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t just keep you fit, at old age exercise is very important as it reduces your risk of suffering from so many diseases like heart attack and high blood pressure. Taking a walk or jogging 3 times a week give you a very healthy body and makes you stay healthy at old age.

5. Regularly visit your doctor

It is very essential that you visit your doctor regularly, especially as you grow older as some diseases show very little or no symptoms. Visiting the doctor could also help to detect any developing illness and facilitate immediate treatment.

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