How to Break Habits towards Exercising

Bad habits are the reason you are not progressing in your exercising regime as they stand as hindering blocks to your goals. In order to progress you have to curb some bad habits way. But you can’t throw away a bad habit and leave it empty, you must replace it with something good, so you don’t have to find another bad habit to take its place.

You have to understand and note the reasons why you are not advancing in your fitness regime, note them down and find ways to stop them. Writing them down makes the problem more visible and easy to target, than something you have in your head as a mental note that you could forget due to other issues that may arise. Here are few ways given to eliminate bad habits towards exercising.

1. You don’t eliminate a bad habit, you replace it

When you are taking away a bad habit from your life, replace it with a better one immediately. For example I will stop smoking from today and replace each moment with drinking water, which is a healthier option to your health.

So every time you feel like smoking, drink a glass of water. If you don’t replace that bad habit immediately, if not it won’t last long and you will go back to square 1.

2. Cut out as many triggers as possible

Now that we’ve got the basic of handling bad habits and that the idea is to replace every bad habit with a good one. The next thing is to cut triggers that will cause you to want to visit the old ways. An example if you know the time to gym is at 4 and OITNB is and will cause you to not to go on time or go at all.

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Simply switch the TV off and give the remote to someone in your house to hold and not put it on till you’ve left the house, if you are alone give it to a neighbor to hold for you and not give it to you till you get back.

For some, it is the environment that they are in that causes them to lose focus, simply step away from there or tell a friend to remind you until you are pissed and then move away. Yes, drastic measures are needed.

3. Join forces with somebody

Agree with a friend or a group and challenge yourself to each lose an amount of pounds together. Something realistic and small to follow through. This will motivate you guys to work hard and even bring about competition to bring out the best in you.

Let it be a motivating factor with a price tag attached to it, like going on a vacation trip, if you guys hit your target. Surround yourself with competitive and motivating people and you will find yourself ditching the old ways.

4. Visualize yourself succeeding

The power of visualization is stronger than anything. If you can see yourself doing it or looking the part, you are halfway there. All you have to do is work towards the picture you are seeing. That picture should be a motivating factor for you to never give up, no matter how impossible it seems. It is not impossible. Seeing yourself running like the wind will motivate you to pick up your trainers.

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