Why Meditation Is Important

We all need some time in our lives to feel the true essence of the environment and to have a taste of nature by concentrating our energy in a particular area. It may be a ritual, a daily practice or a training exercise that we ought to do at least once in a while to build our minds.

Meditation is a process where the mind is trained to realize some benefits of relaxation, stress management and to build internal energy or develop some internal force within like patience, love forgiveness and peace.

It is a means of gaining total control of one’s inner self and focusing or concentrating all energy in one area to allow the mind gain some sort of freedom. Meditation is used to clear the mind to effectively manage activities and daily demands and  helping individuals focus on their goals.

It also helps to regulate health conditions like blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

1. How to meditate

According to Chapman, meditation is not difficult to learn. You don’t need to see a therapist 40 times to learn it. But like tennis, it’s a skill. You need to practice. In time, people develop the ability to produce these meditative, very relaxed states very quickly.

When they meditate several times during the day, they become more relaxed during the entire day.
Meditation can be done sitting or standing in an environment free from noise or distraction. Or like the Buddhist monks who practice it day to day as a way of training the mind.

It can also be done as a prayer somewhere on a mountain, on the bed while listening to music or while sited on the floor.

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2. Effect of meditation on our health

Meditation involves a process of generating an emotional state to help in analyzing emotional problems. Like hatred, anger, depression, sadness or lack of concentration.

Scientific evidence reveals that brain scans of individuals who meditate have shown an increase in the ability in the area of metabolism control.

• Meditation helps to lower blood pressure
• It improves heart rate
• It helps in breathing
• Meditation helps to fight stress
• It increases the perception to focus and concentrate.

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