3 Good Workout Foods

It is generally not a good idea to work out on an empty stomach, because your muscles need energy to perform the workout routine and chances are that, you will have very little workout with an empty stomach, meaning you will not be able to do much and endure for long in the routine. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to overeat before working out, as the workouts may interrupt with digestion and hence cause gastrointestinal complications and you may also be spending a lot of your time and energy in the workout trying to burn off the massive amounts of calories you have just eaten and doing very little for the fat and muscle that were already in your body.

The following are three foods that you can take before your workout.

1. Bananas

Bananas are packed full with carbohydrates that body muscles need to perform workouts. These carbohydrates are in relatively reasonable amounts to power your workouts, but reduce the amount of your own body fats that is burnt. Bananas are also famous for the potassium mineral they contain. Potassium is an essential element for the smooth functioning of your nervous system and hence muscle function. They are also essential for strengthening bones, so that they are able to endure the forces that your muscles will be going through.

The potassium in bananas are not stored for very long in the body, so there is no threat of developing complications arising from high levels of potassium. Eat banana 30 minutes, before your workout and see the difference.

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2. Oats

Oats contain a fair level of fiber which causes carbs in the digestive system to be released more slowly into the blood, providing a steady stream of energy for your workout and also preventing blood sugar levels from getting too high, which forces the body to release insulin to convert them to fat for storage making you fatter. B vitamins also contained in oats that helps to process carbohydrates for energy and to power your workout.

3. Fruits and yogurt

Greek yogurt contains a lot of proteins that when missed with the carbohydrates in fruits, makes them to be digested much more slowly in the gut, releasing a small, but steady stream for energy to power your workout and not to lower the effectiveness of burning your body fat.

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