3 Signs That Show That You Are Seriously out of Shape

Knowing if you are really out of shape can be determined by your ability or inability to do a lot of things on a typical day to day basis.

Below are signs that make you know you are out of shape.

1. It becomes difficult for your heart rate to slow down

Your heart beats faster during exercises, which pumps the much needed oxygen through your body. These could be between 140 and 190 beats per minute, depending on your age. Your heart rate will decrease by about 20 beats per minute before it goes back to its actual state. But if you are out of shape, it could take a longer time for your heart beat to slow down till it gets back to its resting state. Therefore, you can determine if you are getting out of shape if it is difficult for your heart rate to slow down during exercise, or anything that you do that makes your heart beat faster.

2. You begin to have a large waist issue

According to the National Heart Foundation of Australia, you should check your waist in order to find out if you are carrying an excess of body fat. Carrying excess fat around your waist shows that you are out of shape.

You can measure your waist by first starting from the top, then measuring to your hip bone and then to the bottom of your ribs. Try breathing out as you normally would if you are actually holding your breath. Place the tape measure between these two points. Wrap the tape measure around your waist and then look at the measurement. Men should not be more than 40 inches and women 35 inches If it goes beyond this, then it is evidence that shows that you are out of shape.

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3. Often feeling tired

You might think that when you go to the gym often, you tend to get tired. However, according to the American Council on Exercise, working out regularly is the key to staying alert and energized throughout the day. This helps you to feel more naturally awake if you find time for some physical activity, even going for a quick walk during lunch. This shows that when you often get tired, it means that you are getting out of shape and you should get yourself checked up by a doctor.

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