Working Your Inner Thighs at Home

The hip adductor muscles are the three muscles running from end to end in your inner thighs. They start at the pubis and stretch out to your inner thigh and the knee giving your hips and knee the chance to flex, extend and rotate together with your other thigh muscles.

You can choose to separate the adductor muscles to make them stronger. With some home fitness objects like a fitness ball, you can do these exercises at home and develop adductor stability and strength. This article will hint out how you can work on your inner thighs at home.

1. How to do the exercise

Lay on your right side on a mat, keep a straight back and have your arms bent and place your upper body weight on the bent arm. Have your left knee bent and bring it over your right leg so that the foot is at a vertical to your straight right leg. Make straight your back and raise your neck.

Exhale and raise your right leg up and straight as far as it will go, stop if your hips start to move or your back starts to curve, for 1 second hold the leg at the top, inhale and lower the leg slowly. Repeat 10 times. on the right side, and then repeat 10 times on the left side.

Mount up the reps of the exercise as the adductors get robust, or keep the leg in the air for a period of 10 seconds, many of these exercises will burn when you start them. This is not injurious as long as you can maintain proper form as you do the repetitions.

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Lay on your right side with your body straight, line up your head, back, shoulders, glutes, legs and feet. Move your feet to some extent forward, so you are forming a 170 degree angle with your body. Place an exercise ball between your feet.

Preferably you should use a 55 or 65 cm exercise ball, but not a 75 cm exercise ball, as it will be too large and cause you to lose your balance.

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