10 Amazing Exercises For Your Butt

While it’s a fact that squats can work your glutes from every point, they get truly exhausting after, goodness, a single second. It’s the reason you truly can’t support a tight butt on squats alone. In addition, there are a lot of other exercises, which, when performed together, could make the essential squat bankrupt.

1. Hydrants with leg extension

Begin on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your wrists stacked over your shoulders. Keeping the knee bent to a 90-degree angle, lift the right leg out to hips-height, then extend the raised leg straight out to the side. Pause before you bend the knee again, and bring your leg back to starting position to complete one rep.

2. Adductor squats

Feet stance is wider than hip width; keep your back straight and arms locked with the dumbbell in the middle. Lower your body weight into a squat then hold before your rise back to the start position. Aim for 10 to 12 reps.

3. Heel-lifted sumo squat

Begin with your feet slightly wider than shoulders-width apart, toes pointed outward. Lift your left heel. With control, sit your hips back as you lower your butt toward the floor, keeping your knees behind your toes and bracing your core to help you balance. Pause, and then press into your right heel to stand up into the starting position to complete one rep.

4. Kettle bell mountain climbers

Get in push-up position with every hand on an iron weight, feet hip-remove separated. Supporting your center and holding hips down in accordance with whatever is left of your body, drive one knee as high as you can in towards your mid-section. Return, switch legs and rehash for number of reps.

5. Single leg dead lift

Stand on your right foot with your left leg bent in front of you, knee at hip height. Engage your glutes as you slowly fold forward, reaching both hands towards the ground as you extend the left leg straight out behind you. Pause, and then return to starting position with control to complete one rep.

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6. Barbell dead lift

Load the barbell and roll it against your shins. Bend at your hips and knees and grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands just beyond shoulder width. Without allowing your lower back to round, pull your torso back and up, thrust your hips forward, and stand up with the barbell. Squeeze your glutes as you perform the movement. Lower the bar to the floor, keeping it as close to your body as possible.

7. Clamshell

Lie on your left side on the floor, with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Your right leg should be on top of your left leg, your heels together. Keeping your feet in contact with each other, raise your right knee as high as you can without moving your pelvis. Pause, then return to the starting position. Don’t allow your left leg to move off the floor.

8. Squat to sumo

Begin with your feet wider than shoulders-width apart, toes pointing forward. Keeping your knees behind your toes, sit your hips back into a squat. Pulse up a few inches as your turn your toes 45-degrees outward, and sink your hips back into your low squat. Pulse up to bring your toes forward and continue to alternate foot positioning as you pulse.

9. Glute bridges with medicine ball

Lie flat on your back and place both heels on top of the medicine ball. Push your heels down through the medicine ball and raise your hips up to a bridge position. Lower your hips back down to the starting position. Repeat and complete as many as you can in the recommended amount of work time.

10. Single leg ballet kicks

Start by correcting your posture, drawing your belly into your spine while finding something straight ahead to focus on with your eyes. Keeping your chest up and shoulders back, bring one hand down to touch the opposite toe, staying perfectly aligned and getting the back leg as high as you can.

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