Amazing Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises help you to put your thighs in shape, butt and hips. They help you to feel better and stronger. You risk immobility when you neglect your body. When you don’t get to exercise your lower limb often it increases the chances of losing mobility.

Your ability to walk, move around, climb the stairs, get up from the chair or sit down etc, can become compromised when you get involved and addicted to a sedentary lifestyle particularly in old age.

Your glute muscles, the leg muscles, hip muscles, your thighs etc. It is good to move the body in many directions to ensure proper total body function and fitness. Multi-directional exercises is good for the body in maintaining total body fitness. It is good to mix various exercise moves in your workout techniques, in addition to total body fitness, it brings you more fun.

The following are the workouts to engage in when aiming to get your lower body into shape and proper fitness.

1. Plank leg lift

This exercise help to tone the shoulders and core. Using an exercise or yoga mat, place your hand on the floor and stretch out your body straight. Keeping your hands under your shoulder and arms raised above the floor, suspend your body with feet held together in a plank position.

Spread out your left leg and then return to the centre (starting position). To properly engage your abs while doing this move, pull your belly button in towards your spine. Repeat move for a while and then switch legs.

2. Plie squat

This move helps to improve the body’s mobility and strength. Stand upright with the feet widely spread apart but to ensure that it still allows for balance. Clench fist beneath your chin ensuring your elbows are maintained by your side.

Engage in a deep squat by bending downwards and then return upwards keeping your back straight and your weight on your heels. Repeat till you are exhausted. Squeezing the glutes at the top of the move gives more bang.

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3. Lying leg lift

Lying face down on the floor using a mat, rest your forehead on your hands with elbows pointing outward to the side. Keep your legs straight together and your feet facing down and toe tips touching the floor.

Lift up your right leg and thigh above the floor as high as you can. Pause at the top then gradually lower it back to the ground, returning it to starting position. Repeat the move for a minimum of 10 times and then switch legs.

4. Lateral step-out squat

To obtain more fat burn with this exercise, use a resistance band around your ankles. This will increase the resistance with each move in the exercise. Stand up straight with fists clenched beneath the chin and your feet slightly spread apart.

Maintain a standard squat (not as low as a deep squat) and gradually move 2 steps each to the right and then return to the left in a repetitive manner. Hold the standard squat position throughout the exercise as you repeatedly take the steps to the right and left.

5. Fire hydrant

This greatly help to shape the butt and increases mobility focus of the body. Perform by positioning your body on your knees and hands in a tabletop position. Keeping hops pointed towards the ground and leg bent to a 90 degree angle, raise the right knee out to the side as high as possible then return to starting position.

Repeat move till you are tired and then switch to the left knee. You can pull in your belly button towards your spine to adequately engage your abs while doing the exercise.

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