10 Proven Ways To lose Weight For Good – Without The Need To Go On A Diet


The concept of losing weight without dieting or having a proper food routine may sound like a myth to many out there. Small things in one’s daily routine can have a very immense effect towards weight loss. This article shall focus on equipping dieters with a catalogue of 10 optimum practices that could lead to having a toned stomach and an excessive fat free body.

1.     Pick a Smaller Plate:

Using a smaller plate can facilitate a person in eating less because it will simply make the portions of food look larger than they actually are. A few decades ago, the typical food plate was smaller than its size today. Believe it or not, this simple trick can reduce how much a person eats by 20%. Try to match the color of food with the plate so that the meal may look larger to the eyes.

2.     Store Unhealthy Foods far from your Sight:

If unhealthy or fatty foods are in sight, a person may have increased hunger or cravings causing him to eat more. At the same time keeping healthy food in sight can be very beneficial as well.

3.     Drink More Water:

Try to drink as much water as you can during daily routine. It is as simple as that. It will help the body in burning fat more efficiently, one study in adults found that drinking half a liter (17 oz) of water, about half an hour before meals, reduced hunger and helped them eat fewer calories.

4.     Avoid Sugary Drinks:

Replacing sugary drinks with water is one way to reduce your daily calorie consumption. It is easy to take in huge amounts of liquid calories because they don’t effect fullness like solid food does. Staying away from all sugary beverages can lead to a very healthy life as beverages like soda are often referred to as the main cause for many diseases.

5.     Sleep to get Slim:

Sleeping more can lead to your body getting proper rest and functioning in its best way to support your efforts towards weight loss. Along with that, if a person doesn’t stay up late, bad food choices won’t be made because people tend to make bad food choices late at night.

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6.     Join a Group:

Join a group or team up with friends that are pursuing weight loss together. This can provide all the necessary motivation and support a person needs during that tenure. A study shows people that teamed up with successful dieters were 20% more likely to lose weight than the rest.

7.     Serve Yourself Smaller Portions:

Larger portion sizes have been linked to the obesity epidemic and encourage families to eat more. Always serve yourself a little less than what your mind expects from you, this shall be effective without even coming into notice.

8.     The Other Hand:

This might seem to be a very tedious way but it can be the most effective if acted upon. The aim is to eat with your weaker hand so that you eat less. Studies show that people eat less if they eat with their non dominant hand because it will require at least some effort. Also this way a person eats slow allowing more time to the stomach to transmit a feeling of fullness to the brain.

9.     Eat Without Electronic Distractions:

Paying attention to meals results in lesser food consumption. People that eat while watching television or playing video games have a chance of over-eating because it is likely that they might lose track of  how much they have eaten. According to a study, people who were distracted ate 25% more than those that were paying attention.

10.Move and Lose:

Moving the body is deemed to be the most common way of loosing calories on a daily basis. It should to preferable to walk if possible when covering smaller distances. Small and simple exercise routines can also be combined with daily walks for faster weight loss.

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