3 Foods You Should Avoid If You Truly Want To Lose Weight


Food is the basic and most fundamental factor that you need to focus upon during your weight loss endeavors. Many of you guys will think a food is healthy for you upon hearing that it’s somewhat “low-fat”. Many food items even fruits may have nutrition in them but they are also low in fat. But processed low-fat foods are forced to become low-fat and in this process they add sugar and many other unhealthy ingredients to their selves. Many studies by now have shown that having a low-fat diet is a completely wrong approach towards losing weight. These are 3 examples of foods which are harmful for your bodies during weight loss.

1. Reduced fat peanut butter

Who isn’t a fan of peanut butter? Well, No one! Studies have suggested that peanuts and peanut butter contain the same nutrient values and act the same on your body. Your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are all affected the same. The amount of high fructose corn syrup which is added to artificial peanut butter makes it a very poor food choice. So just stick to regular peanut butter but eat less of it.

2. Low fat frozen yogurt

This treat for people with a sweet tooth takes the top spot on my list. The main reason behind this is the sugar level of frozen yogurt. It contains even more sugar than regular ice cream. Low-fat yogurt is considered as a very healthy choice for dieters because of lesser fat. 100 grams of low-fat frozen yogurt has 24 grams of sugar while the exact same amount of ice cream has a total of 21 grams. Many of us enjoy flavored frozen yogurt instead of ice cream thinking that we are sparing ourselves of the sugar. Well, you should just opt for simple ice cream the next time.

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3. Low fat cookies

Low fat cookies were most popular two decades ago in the great 1990s. They were said to be nowhere close to the real cookies if compared upon taste. Because of that people apparently fell to eat more of them to fill their stomach and satisfy their taste buds to a certain extent. The danger in eating a lot of them is their sugar content which is sky high. Sticking to the real thing won’t hurt the body as much as eating a whole box of no fat cookies.

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