How to get Rid of Lower Fat and Love Handles

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat and Love Handles 1

When it comes to getting into shape and maintaining a healthy diet, a very challenging part is losing the fat in the lower belly and love handles, and it feels like the entire body weight rests around the waist. However, this isn’t affected by gender, as both male and female get frustrated from this challenge. The entire body might be in shape and the only thing disfiguring its perfect state is the belly region and waist.
Although many people try to paint it in a positive way, it is not healthy and should be taken care of at all cost to avoid certain health risks like heart disease and diabetes.
You can certainly get rid of this lower fat by exercising and feeding right. Keep reading to know more.

1. Cardiovascular exercises

Being physically active works effectively, as you get to lose more fats and it will be very difficult for the body to absorb excess since it gets shed off easily. 30 minutes cardio session is not too much in a day, if this can be done daily or about 6 days in a week, there will be noticeable changes in the long run. Some of the cardio exercises you can do are: walking, running, jogging, swimming, and so on. For more effective result, you can increase the duration.

2. Strength training and other movements

Strength training will help you to preserve muscle mass even as you lose weight. You can do this at least twice in a week, and focus on all major muscle groups. Squats, pullups, pushups, lunges, presses, and curls are perfect exercises that fall into this category.
Then, you can include other random movements. Dance when you are free, walk, and move your body as much as you can. Quit the elevator and go for the stairs; park your car far away from the main entrance so you’d have more time to walk and stretch your muscles; you can also stretch your legs, as often as you can, beneath your desk in the office; take breaks between work and stretch out your muscles.

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3. Eating habits

Your eating habits should also be kept in consideration to get rid of lower belly fat. Avoid replacing fats by cutting out high-calorie foods like soda and refined grains. Eat more of white fish, skinless poultry, beans, eggs, spinach, whole grains, blueberries, and so on.

4. Lifestyle

How you live your life also matters. Quit smoking and excessive drinking; avoid stress as much as you can, to avoid making wrong decision of food or eating excessively; have adequate sleep, about 5 to 9 hours every night. While you live, be concerned about your health.

Lower fat and love handles are not attractive and aren’t cool. Save yourself the frustration and get working on it now.

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