3 Common Misconception About Bananas

3 Common Misconception About Bananas

There are a lot of misconceptions about sugar in banana. Thanks to some “wellness experts”, this delicious fruit that has proven to do wonders for the body for its mixed abilities to increase your weight. This is a myth. This myth that it can be unhealthy only adds to weight gain etc. Here we will try to trash these false facts about bananas.

It contains sugar

The average amount of sugar in a medium size banana is 14 grams. This same amount is also found in an ounce of dark chocolate. Bananas are entirely natural. The sugars out there are added can cause a major effect on your weight.

Banana contains fiber which help slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. Then there is pectin from some of the fibers that aid in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates which in turn helps to reduce the blood glucose or sugar spike that might have being increased if one took added sugar especially in diabetic patients.

Banana contains all manner of vitamins that are good for the body. To consume healthy sugar as a diabetic patient, go for bananas, as well as everyone else.

Bananas are fattening

Yes when excess sugar is consumed in the body it can be stored as fat, but when you eat a banana at hunger point, or as an after fruit that is highly required in your meal times.

You are not eating excess sugar, you are only filling yourself up so as to not over eat as bananas are known to be very filling.

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It is a bad choice

The notion that bananas are bad for one’s health boils to the fact that it is full of sugar (which we explained), it is filling (which we explain, but…) it is the reason for weight gain due to how heavy one fills after eating a banana and therefore a bad choice for fruits when on a weight loss program.

These fruits help to repair the body from any oxidation damage, aids good looking skin. With having a good dose of potassium, it keeps your heart health in good shape, lowers blood pressure, closes the absorption of dietary cholesterol and reduces the risk of stroke.

It also release the “feel good hormones” which is a must for every individual. With all the necessary vitamins and deliciousness that banana comes from, one would wonder where the hate originated.

Any natural food that is edible is good for your body. Please embrace banana and read more on the amazing benefits it can provide for you.

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