6 Foods That Act As Antibiotics

Antibiotic’s makes most people fits, it is the new age paracetamol term for treating every illness, at the first stage.  Some of these antibiotics can be found in natural products that are also effective when used.

Due to the over prescribing of antibiotics, they become harmful to the body than a source of protection for the body. Some people’s repels the effects of this medicines and as such they can’t work for them, it is to turn to mother nature and embrace her healing powers through the food she has provided. List are given below.

1. Garlic

A very visible kitchen ingredient in most homes is also known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect in the body. Known to treat illness like pneumonia, MRSA and even the black plague. Killing intestinal parasites which are dangerous to the immune system. But it in food or as drink addition garlic can be used in anything.

2. Honey

Honey is an all-rounder when it comes to healing and fighting to ensure the body at it top rate. It is high in antibacterial properties, known to heal wounds, restore one’s sore throat, aid as a facial scrub, when mixed with eggs can be an amazing treatment for the hair.

3. Turmeric

A very popular spice used for cooking, like the others has many beneficial attributes apart from its color. When diseases like MRSA attacks the skin, bringing about boils and wounds, turmeric can be applied to the skin to heal it. Also good for restoring the skin from spots. Mixed with honey does wonders for the body.

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4. Oregano

This is an infection fighting natural power, a study found out that they are as effective as antibiotics and aid in the fight against antibiotic resistant infection. They can be used in making heavy meals or simple dishes.

5. Extra virgin coconut oil

This is also another good antibiotic option as it has antifungal properties and anti-microbial properties, packed full with antioxidants that help also in the fight against antibiotic resistant infection. The many benefits of coconut oil is an article on its own. It can be used for the skin, hair, food, throat, oral hygiene, the list is endless. It is a better and healthier choice from other oils used for cooking as it prevent bad cholesterol from rising up, boosting one’s sugar levels etc.

6. Fermented foods

Probiotics are one of the healthiest items to add into your system as it help to cleanse the gut of bad bacteria, keeping good ones to preserve the normality of the digestive system. It also reduces the risk of one getting cancer. It is important that they are present, as doctors recommend probiotics to patients on prescription. Examples unpasteurized sauerkraut, yogurt, raw pickles and many more.

Image Courtesy of: huffpost.com, nyas.org.

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